Markus Sehr & Moritz Grenzebach

„Absolution”, 2007
fiction, S/D

Thomas calls a Christian helpline and confesses to the counsellor Susanne that he has killed his wiwho was suffering from cancer. Yet she does not suspect the true intensions behind Thomas' call.
The short feature Absolution is the final graduation project of Director Markus Sehr and Producer Moritz Grenzebach at the ifs, internationale filmschule Köln. Director of Photography Jens Nolte also graduated with this film from the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund, one of the co-production partners. The other co-production partners are the broadcast station ARTE and Pi Filmproduktion, a young company from Cologne, whose associates were scholarship holders at the AV Gründerzentrum, a start-up foundation in North Rhine-Westphalia. The Film was funded by the Filmstiftung NRW.


Moritz Grenzebach

*1979 in Mönchengladbach | 2000 Studies, in Film, Television, Communication, Philosophy | 2003 Scholarship for Film and Media Studies, University of Copenhagen | 2004 Studio Manager, TV Broadcast Station WDR Düsseldorf | Since 2004 Film Studies in Creative Producing, ifs | 2005 Bachelor of Arts | 2006 Scholarship, VFF | 2005 Assistant producer, BBC | 2007 Foundation of Pi Filmproduktion | Scholarship, AV Gründerzentrum NRW | 2007 Bachelor of Arts in Film Production, ifs | Further Education Program International Producing at the ifs

Filmography Production

2007 Absolution [Fiction] S/D: M. Sehr | Marder [Commercial] | 2006 Natürliche Bedürfnisse [Fiction] also Co-Writer, S/D: M. Sehr | Laut werden! [Fiction] also Co-Writer | Gott will es! [Fiction] | 2005 How the Romans Ran Europe [Documentary] as Assistant Producer, | Rummel [Documentary] also Director | Et hätt noch immer jot jejange [Documentary] also Director | 2004 Bleib [Fiction] also Director | 2002 Zielgerichtet [Fiction] Composer and Sound Designer


Markus Sehr

*1977 in Cologne | Studies, University of Cologne in Political Science, English Literature, Philosophy, Theater, Film and TV Studies | 1999 Training at Texterschmiede Hamburg | 1999 - 2004 Copywriter at the advertising agency Springer & Jacoby, Hamburg | Selection of Awards: Cannes, D&AD, Art Directors Club Germany | 2003 Filmmaking Workshop, New York Film Academy | 2004 to 2007 Film Studies in Film Directing, ifs internationale filmschule Köln | Bachelor of Arts in Film Directing | 2008 Foundation of gentlemen's agreement with Co-Director Hanno Olderdissen | Scholarship by the AV-Gründerzentrum NRW

Filmography Direction

2007 Absolution [Fiction] | 2006 Natürliche Bedürfnisse (Natural Needs) [Fiction] | Eric Brooks – Versuch eines Portraits (Eric Brooks – Attempting a Portrait) [Documentary] | Gott will es! (God wills it!) [Fiction] || 2005 Bazar [Fiction] || 2004 Alles Korreckt (Correkt) [Fiction] || 2003 Sugar [Fiction]


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