Clemente Fernandez-Gil

„Musketiere”, 2007
script, scenic reading in the open-air cinema on 17th August 2008 at 9 pm

Actors are no humans. They just pretend to be.

The Romanian mountains have been the backdrop for the production of a remarkable Musketeer movie. But the three leading actors are anything but panic-proof: Ben messes up scenes, thinking about women instead of his words; Joachim is constantly searching for his hidden bottles, while Stefan is autistically delving into his script. “One for all, and all for one” – a fairytale of a movie.


1968 born in Düsseldorf | 1989-91 German language and literature studies and history | training as actor | Since 1989 working as actor, writer and dramatic adviser for different theatres, Theater der Klänge Düsseldorf, Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, Stadttheater Heidelberg, Bauhaus-Bühne Dessau, Theater im Depot Dortmund, Theater Kohlenpott Herne | 2004 – 2007 screenplay studies at the ifs internationale filmschule köln (BA)


Robin [2007 / feature film] | Querfeldein [2006 / feature film] | Hotel Eclipse [2006 / feature film] | Gott will es! [2006 / feature film] | Herzton [2006 / feature film] | 200 Quadratmeter Deutschland / [2005 / documentary] | Big Bang [2005 / art-house film]

B. A. graduation screenplay at the ifs internationale filmschule köln Musketiere / 2007 / screenplay for a feature-length film

Festivals and Awards (Selection)

Robin | 2008 | Berlinale „Perspektive Deutsches Kino” | Studio Hamburg Newcomer Award category „Best Screenplay” | National Competition of the Intern. Short Film Festival Dresden | nominated for the Producer's Award at Film Festival sehsüchte, Potsdam | Babelsberger Medienpreis Sponsorship Award for best Alumni Film | Bought by ARTE | FILMZ Short Film Festival Mainz | Bought by Salzberger & CO Medien GmbH 2007 | Querfeldein | Film Festival Max Ophuels Prize | VIS Vienna Independent Shorts | TV broadcast Octo Wiener Telekabel | BR-Online „Heimatdrehwettbewerb” | Int. Festival Dignity & Work Danzig | Gott will es | Landshut Short Film Festival | 2006 | Kurz & Gut Short Film Festival Lüchow | Herzton | Intern. Film Festival Emden | First Prize Recipient in the NIL Film Competition | 200 Quadratmeter Deutschland | Festival Wielokulturowy Zgierz Polen | Big Bang | Spectrum Junger Film. Cologne Conference 2005

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